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The JASNA Greater Sacramento Region is pleased to offer a selection of 10 face masks sewn for you by one of their members, Mary Adams-Wiley.  The masks are 100% cotton, with narrow elastic loops and an internal filter pocket.  Each mask comes with laundry directions and other helpful information.  The Jane Austen’s Garden fabric is from Spoonflower, an on-demand design and print company.  The Jane Austen at Home Collection and the Pemberley Collection are both by Riley Blake Designs.

All proceeds are shared by Jane Austen’s House in Chawton, Hampshire, UK and the JASNA Greater Sacramento Region.

New! Jane Austen’s Garden, by Jan Harbon for Spoonflower

Artist Jan Harbon lives and works in Hampshire, UK, and originally trained as an illustrator at the London College of Printing.  She is currently an Artist in Residence at Gilbert Whites in Selborne, and enjoys producing a variety of work around the house and garden.  The mask fabric is from one of her beautiful floral paintings.  She combines the intricately painted flowers with intertwined text including names of some of Austen’s works as well as a quote, “it was a sweet view, sweet to the eye and to the mind”, and a reference to Mr. Darcy’s Buttonhole.  

Jan has exhibited widely as a member of the Society of Floral Painters and the Society of Botanical Artists as well as at solo and mixed exhibitions across the UK.

Jane Austen’s Garden, New!

New! Jane Austen at Home Collection, from Riley Blake Designs

These fabrics came on the market in late August, 2020 just in time to make masks before AGM.  Each of the florals are reproductions of fabrics from a coverlet quilt that hangs in the Jane Austen House in the village of Chawton, UK. It was made by Jane, her sister Cassandra and their mother. The exact date for the quilt is not known, but the Austens were working on a quilt in May 1811, as Jane wrote in a letter to her sister, Cassandra, “Have you remembered to collect pieces for the patchwork – we are at a standstill.” Cassandra was staying with her brother, Edward, on his estate in Kent, where there would have been many fabric pieces available from the dressmaker who made clothes for his eleven children.  One piece, Correspondence, contains passages from Austen’s personal letters. Another fabric, Accomplished Woman, contains passages from letters as well as a few music scores that Austen wrote.

Fanny, New!
Emma, New!
Elinor, New!
Accomplished Woman, New!

Pemberley Collection, from Riley Blake Designs

Debuting in 2019, this fabric line was created by Riley Cloward whose mother, Cindy, raised her to be a Jane Austen heroine like Elizabeth Bennet — smart and opinionated, with a little sass. She wishes she could spend her days strolling the idyllic hills of the Lake District or perusing shops for the perfect ribbons for the ball. Instead she created the Pemberley Collection so that she can wrap up in a quilt and dream of her Mr. Darcy saying “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I love and admire you.” 

Take note that many of the fabrics in this collection are no longer available.  The two Pemberley Ball masks in pink and blue will likely sell out quickly.

Pemberley Ball, Pink
Pemberley Ball, Blue

Price is $15 each with free shipping and no tax

Note  — shipments will be made to US and Canada addresses only

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