Greater Sacramento Region News – October 2019

September 14th Program Meeting @ Joy Prevost’s home

It has been an exciting few months for our region. We have recently launched several new interest groups: Jane Austen Fiber Friends- a group dedicated to knitting and crocheting projects inspired by Jane Austen and the Regency Period- has been meeting every month before our regular reading group.  Our new group Austen on Stage has been organizing outings this Fall to regional theater productions of two different plays inspired by Jane Austen’s novels. And our new group The Jane Austen Movie Fan Club lead by regional member Joy Prevost has been particularly active. In July we watched the movie “The Jane Austen Book Club” to tie in with our discussion of Karen Joy Fowler’s book in our reading group. In August the movie club presented the 2005 movie version of “Pride and Prejudice” to our newly formed Austentacious Study Group.

This fall our region has been focusing on Northanger Abbey in order to compliment the theme for this year’s AGM.  We are midway through our series now. In September both of our regional reading groups discussed the novel. On September 14th at our quarterly program meeting regional member Nancy Kleinert gave a presentation on the origins of Gothic Literature in England and its influence on Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. That was followed by the viewing and discussion of the moderately obscure 1986 BBC version of “Northanger Abbeypresented by our Jane Austen Movie Fan Club.  Our Northanger Abbey series will continue in October with our members attending a local theatrical production of “Northanger Abbey” and in November with a program featuring lectures from local academics.

Trip to Mills College

       Our bus trip to Mills College in Oakland, CA, was a big success. We had a bus of 24 members (minus 2 cancellations) and 2 members met us in Oakland.Thanks to our treasurer Margaret Murphy for collecting the check and paying the bus!

      At the Olin Library in the rare books room librarian Janice Braun displayed the prayers and discussed the acquisition of them as a donation to Mills College from an outstanding member of the Oakland community. Rachael Dodge put together a basket of JASNA related items for the librarian with our gratitude. Mary Adams-Wiley added some precious mementos too.

      Rachael Dodge gave information about the content of the prayers and her research which resulted in the publication of Praying with Jane. Rachael also said a prayer over us on our trip. The bus driver Alfred said a loud “AMEN”.

     Alice Taylor arranged the bus travel by All West Charter Bus Company. We gave the bus driver a $50 tip from the group. The bus was very comfortable, and the trip went smoothly.

 Thanks to Alice for arranging the bus driver to bring our lunches to us after the viewing. We enjoyed the Tea Shop outdoor seating. Mary Adams-Wiley prepared the Name Badges and the framed table markers. We had time to view the campus and the outstanding architecture of the famous woman architect Julia Morgan.

    Joy Prevost organized our delicious authentic treats from the Book-to-Fork Jane Austen Interest Group. With Lynn’s cucumber tea sandwiches on the way there; Amy’s Rout Cakes for lunch; and Mary’s Berry Puffs on the way home!

Joy representing JA Movie Fans Interest Group also narrated and organized the movie “Becoming Jane” shown on the way home and back. She prepared questions for us to keep in mind during the show. Then we took a vote as a “fan”—with fully open fans as the best rating!