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Pemberley Collection – Pemberley Ball, Pink

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Debuting in 2019, this fabric line was created by Riley Cloward whose mother, Cindy, raised her to be a Jane Austen heroine like Elizabeth Bennet — smart and opinionated, with a little sass. She wishes she could spend her days strolling the idyllic hills of the Lake District or perusing shops for the perfect ribbons for the ball. Instead she created the Pemberley Collection so that she can wrap up in a quilt and dream of her Mr. Darcy saying “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I love and admire you.”

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2 thoughts on “Pink Pemberley Ball Mask

  1. Appears you are sold out for majority of selections…..good news for you 🙂

    Wondering if you’ll have more before holidays.

    Interested in Cassandra, White Pemberely and light blue wall paper

    • Yes I will make more — except for Pemberley Main in blue which I can no longer find to purchase. The mask line is long already so I suggest you email me at with the name(s) of the masks you would like and I’ll respond with a time frame for shipping. Also, remind me that you need your order for holiday shopping. If you are on the list and later need to cancel, no problem.
      Mary Adams-Wiley

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