Message from the Regional Coordinator, Lynn Ossolinski

RE:  Cancellation of JASNA Greater Sacramento Region program for Saturday, March 14th at Valley-Hi Library in Sacramento, CA.

Dear JASNA Greater Sacramento Region members,

We have received word from our JASNA President Liz Cooper to cancel all regional programs at this time.
We also received news of the closing of the community rooms of the libraries in Sacramento County. The libraries will be open…but all programs are cancelled.
As you are aware of the mass closures and cancellations of group gatherings in the United States; we will comply with this great effort to avoid the spread of the virus.
We had planned a program for Women’s History Month on Women in Regency Times, this program is cancelled and all future programming is halted.
We wish you all good health!

All the best,
Lynn Ossolinski, Regional CoordinatorJASNA Greater Sacramento Region