Message from the Regional Coordinator, Stephenee Borelli

Spring is here!

Dear Janeites,

In 1783, the poet William Cowper (a favorite of Jane Austen) wrote to his friend, the Reverend William Unwin, “Our severest winter ever, commonly called the spring, is now over.”

Cowper’s words resonate as we emerge from what has seemed like the severest winter of our lives. For a year we have huddled indoors, sheltering ourselves against the hazards outside, waiting for danger to pass. The spring which we were robbed of last year has finally arrived and new life is presenting itself to us.

Rebirth is certainly the theme of the moment, even down to my return as Regional Coordinator of the Greater Sacramento Region. Nine years ago, I sat at a table at the Rancho Cordova Library, newborn daughter in arms, surrounded by the founders of our newly-formed chapter. I was the founding co-coordinator, so grateful that Nina Edmondson held the office with me. Steven Barclift was our founding treasurer, and here Steve and I find ourselves anew!

I am so proud of how our region has grown since, flourishing with Lynn Ossolinski at the helm. Our small group of about 35 members, has swelled to 117. From four quarterly meetings, our events have multiplied exponentially: two reading groups, a culinary club, a textile group, a film fan club, and an elegant birthday tea. Not to mention the outings like live performances and fieldtrips! All of this made possible by our intrepid officers and active members.

Our regional efforts are no longer felt solely in Sacramento; we are now making waves across the country and the pond. Janeites all over are wearing our region’s masks to keep themselves safe. We have met new friends from regions all over the continent by way of our virtual programs. Our name will be on a park bench on the Chawton lawn that Jane herself walked.

In 2020 we were reminded that you cannot know what the future holds. That said, I am confident that our region will continue to grow, be it in membership or opportunities to celebrate Jane Austen; but, most certainly, in love and freindship.


Stephenee Borelli, Regional Coordinator, JASNA Greater Sacramento