Message from the Regional Coordinator, Lynn Ossolinski

Welcome to the new Website for the Jane Austen Society of North American Greater Sacramento Region!

I am the new Regional Coordinator for the Greater Sacramento Region and I am delighted with all the new activities and programs that we have for your participation. On our new website you will find all the dates and times of these lively activities. Most of our activities are held in the public libraries meeting rooms.

As a person on a literary quest all my life, I was delighted to reread Jane Austen and dedicate myself to encouraging others to do so. I have a career as a teacher and librarian. Born in Vallejo CA, I was raised in Reno NV, I attended the University of Nevada, Reno, for a BA and MS, and another masters from University of San Francisco. My Bill “Ozzie” husband and I raised our 2 children in Incline Village, NV, where we lived & worked for 30 years. I was always advocating reading by participation in my professional groups. I embraced book clubs as a way to extend my literary appetite. I have many favorite authors and must admit—my favorites are the great English authors. I live in Rancho Murieta, CA, now  and there is not  a library, but we do have a bookmobile and the librarian was happy to fill my requests for Jane Austen books.

Yes, we are going back 220+ years to the vibrant Regency Period time of Jane Austen. It is a great place to be—full of walks, parties, balls, teas, romance and intrigue. We bring Jane Austen in our life with reading her books, watching movies based on her books, even duplicating foods of the time.

I am honored to be your new Regional Coordinator. I am eager to help start up new reading groups and interest groups. I am all for taking trips—such as the bus trip to Mills College in Oakland—to see handwritten prayers composed by Jane Austen. I encourage members to go to plays, see movies, cook, knit & crochet, travel, design banners’etc.! Members take trips to England, and attend the JASNA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in elegant cities in the US and Canada.

My goals are to:  raise membership; increase interest groups and clubs dedicated to Jane Austen; honor Jane Austen’s genius and life; encourage school and university curriculum to include Jane Austen; use Jane Austen’s writings as therapy for a happier life; make speaking engagements; bring members to their highest literary potential.

Our new website will keep the same location name of jasnasac.org. But in the hands of our new webmaster Will Kleinert we will have new graphics, calendar, and current news of Jane Austen happenings. From book reviews to scholarly findings, we can keep up with the tremendous popularity and interest in Jane Austen.

With the help of other Janeites I ran the Jane Austen Reading Group (now the able leader Nancy Kleinert as the chair) for the Greater Sacramento Region for many years. I feel the reading and rereading of Jane Austen is the best way to experience Jane Austen’s genius. Now we have two reading groups—the new 2019 addition of “Austentacious Study Group” in Elk Grove. I welcome the formation of this group and any other group—of any size or location. The Jane Austen Society of North America also encourages the formation of reading groups!!

But that is not all! New interest groups have formed:

  1.  Jane Austen Movie Fan Club:  showing and rating the movies based on Jane Austen’s writing. Plus plenty of popcorn!
  2. Jane Austen Fiber Friends:  knitting and crocheting items from patterns of Regency period items. Lots of help given to do the patterns.
  3. Austen on Stage:  theater buffs unite with local theaters for stage productions of Jane Austen’s writing. Costumes encouraged and bonnets off for the play. Discounted group tickets!
  4. Jane Austen Writer’s Group: meeting in McClatchy library writers share their pages with each other, often using email. Novice or published authors are welcome to attend.
  5. Book to Fork: Cooking recipes that existed during Jane Austen’s time; looking for information on food and references in her books; sharing this information with JASNA Greater Sacramento Region.
  6. JA Publicity Committee:  have fun making tri-fold displays & exhibits; doing TV shows; speaking engagements; skits; flyers; arranging author book signings.

Seasonal programs: Four times a year the Greater Sacramento Region sponsors a Jane Austen Program featuring scholars, games, exhibits, and Power Point visual presentations. Our programs feature outstanding scholars, authors, speakers, and a very delicious social time from our hospitality table of treats supplied by all members. We are a diverse group—welcoming any gender, age, nationality, religion: plus any program held in the public library is free to the public.

The Jane Austen Birthday Tea:  This annual event is held in the beautiful historic Westminister Presbyterian church downtown by the California State Capitol. The tea is classic and we go all-out with a caterer; members decorate the tables with fine linens and dishes. There is an auction of treasured Jane Austen style items. Top experts from England and the US honor us with their expertise. Members can bring guests. This is the ultimate tea party experience. Read about it in Tea Time Magazine!

Please join the Jane Austen Society of North America Greater Sacramento Region.