Chawton House Bench Campaign 2019

Dear Greater Sacramento Region,

This year at the AGM, the NAFCH (North American Friends of Chawton House) was showcasing the Bench Campaign 2019.   The Austen Trail and its quotation markers have become very popular.  Right now there are not enough benches in the garden for visitors to linger.  As more visitors come to Chawton House, these new benches will help them to enjoy their visit in comfort, with time to sit and enjoy the views that Austen, too, admired.  The benches are large durable Lutyens benches, which should last for many years and fit the style of the gardens.  The benches are designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who also designed some terraces at Chawton House.  Several members of our Region thought this would be a good campaign for our region to support.   Each bench donation cost is $2,000.

We selected Bench #20, Walled Garden, Orchard View.   So now there are two items left that our Region needs to do to complete this sponsorship.   First we need to raise the Donation Fee: $2,000.   Secondly we need to select a quote.   The quotations are to be from any book that Austen may have read from among the titles in the collections of Chawton House.

So I hope you will consider making a donation toward this worthy campaign.

Kathy Stephens

JASNA Sacramento Region

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