Jane Austen Book-to-Fork Club

April 22, 2023 Meeting Recap

The Book-to-Fork Cooking Club met at Touch of Britain in North Highlands, which is a British grocery and restaurant.  The table was set with Jane Austen cookies and bookmarks. We enjoyed conversations about trips to England, gardening, and royalty, and worked on trivia questions (thank you JASNA somewhere in Washington state). Our menu selections ranged from steak and ale pie with mushy peas to fish and chips with malt vinegar. Dessert was an array of British biscuits and the Jane Austen cookies if you dared to eat her face!  Susan and Nancy each won a Harrod’s bag with goodies (tea, shortbread, Austentacious pin, framed quote).

April 30, 2023 Recap

The meeting took place at Streets of London in West Sacramento, which is a British pub. To brighten up the pub setting, the table was set with doilies and of course, Jane Austen cookies! Though the menu was plentiful of food other than pub food, we enjoyed our selections and the discussion of Jane Austen in London and tried our hand at the trivia questions.  We were also multi-tasking by watching the Sac Kings v. Warriors game. This time Janet and Lanni each won a Harrod’s goodie bag.  Part of the discussion was the movie “Chevalier” which tells the story of real-life violin virtuoso and composer Joseph Bologne. Some of us had learned of him at a previous AGM and were very interested in learning about this bi-racial prodigy who was somewhat lost in history due to the tumultuous French revolutions. This turned into an impromptu trip to Tower Theater to watch “Chevalier” which had excellent acting, music, costumes, and production.

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